Bailey fans finally get to see her in action again and this time she felt comfortable not wearing the mask which is good because she has a great face. This girl has some ridiculous sucking skills and went through cock after cock like she was having an afternoon snack. After getting a wide variety of cocks, she finally found a cock she wanted to fuck. Her tried to bang her in the booth but needed more room so we took a trip into the Theater Room. That’s were she ran into Mr. Pringles, a cock she didn’t want to fuck but decided to give it a shot anyway. Him and the other black dude took turns with her mouth and pussy until she had nothing left to offer. This was one of her fantasies btw so she can check that off her bucket list. Both guys were talking about how tight her pussy was so I figured after that ordeal she needed a break, and possibly an ice pack for her puffy pussy. Even though she just serviced 12 cocks, she went home to get cleaned up so she could come back later to service many more. Bailey is the BOMB!

[GloryholeSwallow] Bailey - Second Visit, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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