[InTheCrack] Gina Valentina – E1292

Gina looks pretty stunning in this video with her gorgeous dark features, perfect brunette hair and her tight figure spilling out of a very skimpy outfit. Her barely there jean shorts are not much more than a thong in her ass crack and pussy lips. Gina is all nude now and she does nothing more than show off her pussy and ass with lots of revealing posing. Her bend over pose gives you a beautiful eyeful of tight and flawless girlie bits with ample time and slow enough pace to really soak your brains in it. She then turns around and squats on the floor crab walk style with her undercarriage squirming beautifully in your face. Now leaning back on the chair Gina uses a large powerful vibrator to get herself off. She was attempting to squirt and although the squirt never comes the action is still quite entertaining regardless. She clearly has some strong reactions to the vibration as the tension is written all over her face. Half way through she adds in a second toy to fuck herself in the pussy while continuing to vibrate her clit. The action lasts quite a long time as she wasn’t about to give up on a potential squirt and she gives it some decent effort resulting in a very good masturbation video, squirt or not. Gina gets down on the floor and has a go at fucking a mounted dildo. We get a very nice close up view of the humping motion with her ass pumping up and down along the shaft of the dildo. Additional full body views from alternate angles show her butt twerking up and down on the dildo and then we return to view the business end as she brings the action to a climax.

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