[InTheCrack] Maya Pearl – E1291

Maya is in no rush to take off her dress although with the open flowy bottom it gives some pretty easy up skirt views. At first you see her sitting at the table and we take you under the table for a sneaky leg tease and panty view. Then while standing over your face you will notice a pretty obvious wet spot on her panties. She is quite charming right off the bat with her ever present smile. Her panties come down half way through this video leaving at least the second half to admire her bare pussy and ass even though her dress stays on for quite a while longer. Especially noticeable is how dark her pussy lips are when compared to the rest of her skin. She spends most of the remaining minutes standing right over your face with her dress pulled up high and then bending over on her knees. Maya soon takes her dress off and then sits backwards on the chair for almost the entire duration of this clip. There are extensive underside views looking straight up her bare pussy and ass from below with her butt hanging out right off the edge of the chair. Once again her dark pussy lips are prominent in the scene due to their contrast in colour. She has a nice tight little jiggle in her ass when she slaps herself. Maya now leans back on top of the table and uses a big powerful vibrator to get herself off. It’s difficult to say when the orgasms happen or if it is all one long orgasm but it seems to work quite well for her. You can see her pussy muscles clenching and her vagina even starts to push itself partially inside out. It is overall a top quality scene with intense action that just keeps on coming in waves.

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