Kala Ferard might be the nicest, most faithful girl in the world in real life, but in this exciting scene where the actress takes on the shaft of Toudy in a most passionate clinch of oral desire, her big dark brown eyes and arching eyebrows are made up in such a way that she looks like the archetypal adulterous cocksucking bitch out of femme fatale fantasy! Her skills as a ball licking model send us off into wild daydreams of back street encounters as she licks Toudy’s nuts in these sexy blowjob pics. So enjoy that daydream, or make up one of your own, as you watch this gorgeous girl bring him to a creamy cumshot!

[FuckinHD] Kala Ferard - Femme Fatale Fantasy!, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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