As today’s POV video begins, you discover you are gifted with the presence of the delicate beauty of Marica Hase, whom you meet in the dressing room of our studio. No sooner is Marica down on her knees before your prick than you are showing her who is the master of the situation. You cram that big dick into her face and you regulate the movements of her head with your strong hand. She gags on your meat until her almond-shaped eyes are tearing. You press her head to the floor with your bare foot and you have her wear her glittery black thong across her face. You clamp your hairy thighs around her head while her mouth is filled with your meat, you lean over while she lays back on the floor and you plow her face, and finally when she’s kneeling again you blast an enormous facial cumshot. Truly a raw and rough blowjob of startling impact.

[FuckinHD] Marica Hase - Raw And Rough, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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