[SexArt] Cherry Kiss & Stasy Rivera – Reconcile

An argument ensues when hot blonde babe Cherry Kiss accuses her curly-haired lover Stasy Rivera of fucking someone else, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s “Reconcile.” Stasy is brooding poolside when Cherry joins her and attempts to apologize for her outburst, in the only way she knows. After initially spurning Cherry’s advances, Stasy soon succumbs and they kiss voraciously. Cherry takes the lead, pulling up Stasy’s top to expose her beautiful breasts, and peeling off her shorts. Once Stasy is completely naked and Cherry topless, the blonde darling drops between Stasy’s open legs and laps hard at her shaved pussy. Cherry’s tongue flicks up and down Stasy’s slit, exploring her wetness. Stasy moans with pleasure, growing louder as Cherry substitutes her tongue with two fingers, which she thrusts in and out of Stasy, hard and fast, while still flicking her tongue over her clit. Stasy pushes Cherry’s face harder against her pussy, grinding on her lips until she climaxes. Cherry gets naked and switches position with Stasy, who eats her shaved pussy and finger-bangs her avidly. Highly aroused, Cherry flips over onto all fours, so Stasy can finger and eat her from behind. She gasps and trembles as Stasy increases the speed of her fingers. The girls move into a steamy sixty-nine, licking and fingering each other ferociously, each reaching a powerful orgasm. Shot on the beautiful island of Ibiza, “Reconcile” proves that when lovers disagree, make-up sex can be all the more sweet. Don’t miss the cute closing credits!

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