[SexArt] Margot A & Nancy A – Party Boat (Part 3)

The passengers of the “Party Boat” are still having a blast as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s uplifting and arousing series, shot on the vacation island of Mallorca, gets underway. Rosaline Rosa feels neglected when Matt Ice leaves her to answer a phone call, so she takes matters into her own hands; he returns to find her already satiated. Nancy and Margot lap wine from each other’s bare breasts, then find a private corner where they can get better acquainted, kissing and finger-fucking frantically. Nancy grabs Margot’s wrist to spur her on as she strokes her harder, rocking to a powerful orgasm. The beautiful blonde spreads Margot’s thighs wide, licking and fingering her to an intense climax of her own. Having had their private fun, the girls rejoin the party…

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