[TeenCurves] Violet Starr – I Dream Of Curvy Babes

Nathan just finished an eight hour gaming session and was feeling accomplished! Too bad he didn’t have a pretty lady to spend the rest of his night with. He fell asleep right there in the living room, only to be greeted by the hot and curvy Violet Starr. She repeated the words wake up master several times until he awoke. Nathan could not believe his eyes and thought this was a dream! Violet was there to fulfill his every dirty wish and she knew right where to start. After seducing him with her lovely ass and pussy, she began to grind on his cock. She felt his dick getting hard and knew it was time to start sucking. He didn’t even need to tell her. Once Violet had moistened him up, Nathan grabbed her leash and gripped it firmly as she began to ride his cock. Damn that phat booty felt super good on his dick. Violet then got a hefty load to the face and started to glitch out. Would she disappear back into the virtual world, or become part of Nathan’s life forever? We can only hope it was the latter that came true…

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