[TheLifeErotic] Jenny A – Control by Shane Shadow

Jenny – pretty, with a sophisticated blonde bob and smoky, vampish makeup – is standing in an elegantly decorated room. She’s dressed in a sheer, lace-trimmed teddy with a halter-neck and thong-back, and black, spike-heeled platform shoes. As she caresses her own slender curves, an unseen partner teases and gently spanks her with a small black leather paddle – it has a double blade, so even the softest impact creates a crisp, slapping sound. She turns to face the wall, smiling as strokes are laid on her round, peachy ass. Slowly, she strips, revealing firm, medium-sized boobs and a full bush. Then she turns and parts her butt-cheeks to flaunt her pussy and asshole. As she pleasures herself, now sitting splay-legged on a chair, the paddle trails over her body, her pleasure increasing whenever it slaps against her flesh. She moans, two fingers buried in her snatch. Next, she moves to the bed and continues, reaching back and under to plunge three fingers in and out, the other hand on her tits as the paddle teases her fuzzy mound. Then she’s on her side, kneading her ass as her fingers plow in deep, whimpering in ecstasy as they churn up her juices. Finally, she lies, legs drawn up and back to expose her ass and crotch, taking one last paddling as she frigs herself to an intense, orgasm. As it fades, her moans die away and she slumps on the bed, a smile betraying her total satisfaction. Then she tiptoes out of the room…

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